Our organization

Our mandate

In 2009 the Austrian Association of Psychotherapy (V.Ö.P.P.) was founded to support psychotherapists in any aspect of their professional lives. We created a strong and flexible network to represent the interests of our colleagues in political as well as social matters and work on strengthening psychotherapeutic agenda in every aspect of our society. And there is a broad and diverse service for members of our network: recurring topics on psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic policy, information services or juridical support (i.e. when establishing your own office or on general data protection regulations).

Guidelines & Regulations

Here you can find all information regarding psychotherapeutic treatment:


  • Psychotherapeutic treatment only can be conducted on the patient’s free will.
  • The client is entitled to free choice of treatment and treating psychotherapist.
  • In the case of underage clients participation of parents, family members or attachment figures are crucial to successful therapy.
  • During treatment aggravation of symptoms can occur temporarily, which is important to know and in line with the healing process.

Statutory regulations

  • Psychotherapists are restricted to secrecy by the law.
  • Clients own the right to full and unconditional information about method and duration of psychotherapy (if possible).
  • Continuity of treatment and adherence to setting conditions are positive predictors of treatment.
  • Clients have to be informed if additional consultation of other experts is required.
  • Most psychotherapists rely on cancelling regulations i.e. the requirement of cancelling sessions at least 24 hours in advance. If not the usual amount of payment can be charged.
  • Psychotherapists are legally obliged to keep records of treatment.
  • Relatives and other family members can be asked to participate in treatment sessions if it is indicated and consented to by the client.